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    Alaric was born in 1954 and spent his early childhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. His family later moved to Missouri and it was there, while still in high school, that Alaric began writing short stories and vignettes.
    As a young adult, Alaric eventually settled in Kansas City, which would be his home for the next twenty-five years. He continued to write, but his published work was limited to newsletter articles for local publications.
    In 2001, Alaric and his husband Scott moved to western Pennsylvania, and several years later his first non-fiction book was published by Llewellyn Worldwide. This first book, Travels Through Middle Earth: The Path of a Saxon Pagan, led to subsequent works of non-fiction. In addition to his Llewellyn books, Alaric contributed to several anthologies produced by Copper Cauldron Publishing and John Hunt Publishing. This caught the attention of JHP, and in 2013 Alaric was offered a contract for his novel Perception, to be released under the company’s Cosmic Egg imprint.
    Alaric now lives in Dubuque, Iowa. When he is not writing, he enjoys gardening, movies, reading and wrestling with his dog. He is a lifetime member of Mensa. Alaric can be contacted via email at alaric@alaricalbertsson.com


    Dena and Michael Anderson stare at their television in disbelief, wondering if what they are seeing – the image of a large spaceship hovering over the St. Louis Arch – is a hoax. Then, without warning, St. Louis is gone. And Chicago is gone. And then New York…
    Almost overnight the world’s governments, military forces, satellites and power plants are swept away by aliens whose movements seem to have no discernible purpose. Dena and Michael band together with their neighbors as they struggle to endure the ensuing chaos. In addition to food shortages and the ever-present threat of raids by hostile survivalists, the Andersons find themselves challenged by the narrow-mindedness and racism of their friends.
    To complicate Dena’s life further, her estranged twin brother shows up at her door, forcing her and Michael to examine their own prejudice.
    Dena and her family and neighbors know that their only hope for survival depends on somebody, somewhere, establishing meaningful contact with the alien invaders. But how can they hope to understand an extraterrestrial race when they have so little understanding of each other?

PERCEPTION can be purchased directly from the author.

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    Nobody would volunteer to be put into a time capsule without some reason. When Tom Williams signed up for the Stepping Into the Future Project he expected to awaken two centuries later. But when he eventually regained consciousness, he found himself in a new civilization built on the ruins of the world he had known.
    Now, in the care and custody of the Wolf clan, Tom slowly begins to learn the customs and habits of the Markin people. So many of their traditions elude him, and he knows they are not telling him everything. What goes on beyond the town walls during the annual Krisscorn festival? What do the clans do after leaving for the wooded hills north of Casey? What is the matriarch of the Wolf clan keeping from Tom? What are the priests afraid he will see?
    Struggling to understand the polytheistic clans and their green-robed priesthood, trying to find his place in a world with no electricity or mechanical conveniences, Tom's greatest fear is that his benefactors will discover his own secret - a secret he has kept all his life.

ONCE EVERY SEASON can be purchased directly from the author.